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Of Forgetting

I am a forgetful sort of person, yes, but there are things I can’t forget. Of course that happens for other people as well. But today I am being remembered of some interesting phrase: learning to forget. To forget things one can’t forget, one must learn to do so. What do we forget? Memories. Where do memories come from? Life. That being said, by forgetting one is erasing some part of his or her life. There are things I can’t do anything with, so I can forget it or just go with it. Conclusion? I should start learning to forget.

Wait, what does that really mean?

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  1. 'Stalker' in Katakana 'Stalker' in Katakana

    Just make note to not forget to learn how to forget. /s
    There’s a fine line between not learning from experience and worthlessly torturing yourself with imagining people’s impression of you. (Usually, you only need to ask yourself ‘Why?’ once or twice.)
    “Wait, what’s that really mean?”
    Quick! Before the Grammar Nazi shows up…
    (When in doubt, don’t use contractions.)
    (inb4 Muphry’s law.)

  2. ^ Edited, thanks for pointing out.
    //i’ve gotten tired of grammar naziism though
    ///but after all, this is ‘a web log of sophisticated nit-picking’

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