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The Thing about Crushes

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Crushes happen because we seek perfection, the ultimate person, the savior.

In our desperate attempt to search the remedy of all our wounds, we turn to a potential person and examines maybe their most minute details: hairs, bags, palms, the tone of their voice, their favorite color, even their pens and pencils. We, in our palaces of thought, turn this person into some kind of messiah. We believe in this person so much that we want to depend on him or her and never gonna give them up (pun intended).

Sure you will form some kind of “emotional wet-dream” (I know this is too brash, but it’s also somewhat accurate), where you imagine living a perfect life with him/her. You will think all your problems will be solved if only this one person accepts you as their lover. You won’t need anything or anyone else. You will stop praying as soon as this magical prince or princess is in your possession because all your prayers have been listened to and fulfilled.

Unfortunately, that is where it is a slippery slope. We assume too much to the point that we forget that the crush is also just a mere human being. Like us, they may be mightily annoying, superfluous, or even is a faker and a liar. We just don’t want to admit it and prefer sinking ourselves deeper in our wet dreams. We are just yet to discover that our crushes are capable of believing in stupid things or doing stuff that we think is silly or even outrageous. We just don’t know enough.

That’s when the crush becomes a poison. I think we should all remember that every person is all too human. They are capable of doing good as well as evil. If you think you have found “the one”, be very sure that you know the misdeeds this person is capable of.

This sounds pessimistic, but hey maybe you are not as difficult-going as I am (i.e. more easy-going). Care to share your opinion on this?


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