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“High school never ends”

That deplorable statement. Come on. It sucks, man, but high school does end. From here on, you will have to find yourself new friends. Also, you will be separated from your old friends. You feel like you’re old already. You think that what lies ahead is no more than a painful life at college and work and work and all the miserable, ugly, truth about real life the adults may have had warned you of.

While I’m not an adult yet, at least I can assure myself that there’s nothing to be feared about. We all grow up. As soon as we get older and no longer enjoyed things we’ve enjoyed as kids, we’ll find other kinds of enjoyment. Life’s difficult, it is, but at least not impossible to live.

Good news, though. You’re still considered a teenager until you reach twenty. Even when you’ve eventually been a 20-ish person, you’re still considered young by the society until you’re at least 25 (or if you get wrinkles sooner).  But it also could be 30 or even 45. So, take your time, especially if you’re still under 18 by the time of your graduation.

Anyway, congrats on graduating and starting your new life at college. 😉

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  1. Congratulations, Mas. Heard you take English Literature. I’m envious but also unwilling to end high school right away at the very same time. Me being teenager-y, I guess. Good luck for the college, anyways.
    (In case you don’t know me [which I’m 100% sure is the case], I’m one of your adek gens and a loyal fan of your writings)

  2. Great. Do we really have to use our WordPress account to leave a comment? This is kind of frustrating ’cause I’ve like abandoned mine for 2 or 3 years and I completely forgot what I wrote last time and this is embarrassing oh my God.

  3. ^ Thanks a lot, Dila. ^^ I’m not saying you should just not love your highschool days. You still have a year to go, don’t you? Enjoy your life while you still have the time.

    Just kidding.

    p.s. Of course I know you. Please don’t insult my ability to socialize.
    p.p.s. IIRC you just need to leave your name and e-mail to comment, unless I’ve done some mistake.

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