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2023: The Year of Journey

For the last three years, I have stopped writing new year’s resolutions. Instead, I’ve set “yearly themes.” In short, 2020 happened, and people are reminded that even the best laid plans can and will go wrong through no fault of their own. It’s better to keep a goal that we can follow along as we cruise through life, but one that still allow flexibility on how it is done. More on this on CGP Grey’s video Your Theme.

Now, my theme for 2023 was journey. And what a journey this year has been. I don’t have a lot to show, but here are some pictures of my journeys this year.

I have never been to any country outside of Indonesia before, and in 2023 I have traveled almost literally to the other side of the world, with 12-hour time difference and all that. I’ve always dreamed of visiting places I’ve never been to. I’ve done that in 2023. This was truly the year of my journey.

What was your journey like in 2023? What is your theme for 2024?

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